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residential solutions

No More Load Shedding Headaches

Take your home off-grid and switch to renewable power generation and storage.

Finance Option

Don't have the cash? We can help with asset finance.

Cash Option

If you have the cash, buy your system in a single payment.

Stress Free

Professional support and guidance to help you along your new power journey.

Expert Installation

10+ years of experience in renewable installations.

Solar and Battery

Various solar and battery solutions for all size households.


We source our solar panels, batteries, and other components from trusted manufacturers.
Solar energy is a great alternative

Produce Your Own Clean Energy

With home solar and battery solutions, you can break free from the traditional power grid. Generate your own electricity, store excess energy in batteries, and use it when you need it most, even during grid outages.

By embracing solar energy, you also contribute to a greener planet. Solar power produces zero greenhouse gas emissions, helping to combat climate change and create a sustainable future for generations to come. Make a positive impact on the environment and inspire others to follow your lead.

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